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ERTSAR News Media:  See some of our activities and news over the years on this page

ERT SAR Recruiting Video 2020 "The Guardians" [VIDEO]

ERT SAR Featured in the highly respected Technical Rescue Magazine. [ARTICLE LINK]

ERTSAR Bracebridge Floods 2019 - "Operation Inundatio" (Goldeneye) [VIDEO]

ERT SAR in Bolivia during Amazon Rainforest Fires on the News 2019​​​ [VIDEO]


ERT SAR Training & working together w/ the Peel Regional Police & RCAF 2018​[VIDEO]

ERT SAR Training & working together w/ the Royal Marines 40 Commando 2018​[VIDEO] ​[VIDEO]

ERT SAR Marine Unit launch updated MUP I & II program 2017  [VIDEO]

Award Winning Actor Jeremy Irons becomes Patron 2016  [NEWS]​ [VIDEO]​

ERT SAR Rana Plaza Collapse Bangladesh 2015 ​[VIDEO]

ERT SAR launch updated Disaster Assessments 2015 ​[VIDEO]

Canadian National Exhibition - August 2014  [VIDEO]

Canadian Medical Skills update session - July 2014 [VIDEO]​​

Mountain Bike Search & Rescue (MBSAR) Practise - June 2014 [VIDEO]

Philippines Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan Nov 2013 [ARTICLE] [VIDEO] [VIDEO]​

USA New York Hurricane Sandy Response Dec 2012 [VIDEO]

UK Gloucestershire DEFRA Flooding Call Out 2012​​ [OLD WEBLINK]​

UK Cheltenham Despondent Missing Person Jan 2011 [OLD WEBLINK]

UK Stroud ERTSAR locate body of Missing Person Oct 2010  [NEWS]​

Indus River - Pakistan Floods - August 2010​[LAS ARTICLE] [OLD LINK] [ARTICLE]

Haiti Earthquake - Port Au Prince - Jan / Feb 2010  [ARTICLE] [BBC NEWS] [VIDEO]

UK Snow Response (Day 2 of 8 & 24 Members) - January 2010 [VIDEO]

ERT SAR Marine Unit Water Rescue Tech Training - June 2009 [VIDEO]

ERTSAR Rappel Niagara Falls in Canada - May 2009 [VIDEO]

ERTSAR Training Courses being recognised - Sept 2008 ​​[OLD BBC LINK]

UK Rescue Team Prepare for Pakistan Mission - April 2008 [NEWS LINK]

UK Oxfordshire & Thames Valley Floods - July 2007 [VIDEO]​

Pakistan Medical Support Mission - NWFP / KPK 2006 [OLD WEBLINK]

The October 2005 Pakistan Earthquake [OLD NEWS LINK]

The 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami in the Indian Ocean Sri Lanka [VIDEO]

OSAR (ERTSAR) gets first Landrover Ambulance - March 2003 [NEWS ARTICLE]

OSAR (​ERTSAR) announces formation and seeks volunteers - Jan 2003 [NEWS ARTICLE]