Please see some notable deployments over the years.

YEAR  TYPE                                    LOCATION    OPERATIONAL NAME


2003   Thames Valley Police MsPer     United Kingdom          Operation Red Kite 1


2004   Boxing Day Tsunami       Sri Lanka        Operations Russell’s Viper (Snake) [VIDEO]                                                                      

2004   MisPer w/ Royal Air Force       United Kingdom             Op Eagle (Hoist) [YouTube Link]


2005   SE Asia Earthquake         Pakistan         Operation Mountain Lion [OLD WEBLINK]


2006   EQ Medical F-Up / CBDRR Pakistan         Operation Markhor (Goat) [OLD WEBLINK]


2007   Flooding                             UK                   Op Red Kite [BBC TV NEWS YOUTUBE]


2008   Capacity Building Medical Pakistan         Operation Wild Horse I


2008   Capacity Building Rescue  Pakistan         Operation Wild Horse II


2008   Capacity Building USAR Pakistan         Operation Wild Horse III


2010   High Risk MisPer              UK (Gloucs)   Op Tawney Owl - Found MisPer [NEWS LINK]


2010   High Risk MisPer              UK (Gloucs)   Operation Red Fox 


2010   UK Snowstorm                 United Kingdom Operation Penguin  [BBC NEWS LINK]


2010   Earthquake: Port Au Prince     Haiti    Operation Crocodile [VIDEO LINK]


2010   Indus River Floods          Pakistan         Op King Cobra Snake [NEWS] [ARTICLE P26]


2012   Flooding                             UK                  Operation Brown Rat


2012   Superstorm                       USA, New York Operation Bobcat


2013   Superstorm / Typhoon  Philippines   Op. Carabao [LINK 2 MIN]  |  [LINK 40 SEC]


2014   Flooding                             UK                    Operation Seagull


2017   ​Hurricane Irma support Caribbean     ​Operation Green Lizard (Op Ruman UK RN)


2018   Exercise with Royal Marines   ​UK       Operation Blue Bird Vanguard [VIDEO LINK]


2018   Ex. w/ Police Marine Unit Canada          Operation (Celtic) Griffin [VIDEO LINK]


2018   Tech Rescue/Flood CBDRR   Bolivia Operation Giant Otter 


2019   Flooding - Ontario Canada Operation Inundatio (“Goldeneye”) [LINK]


2019   Global Wildfires               Bolivia            Operation Armadillo [LINK] [VIDEO TV NEWS]


2019   Police Training ExPeel, Canada Operational / Exercise Milk Snake 


2020   Police Marine Exercise   Norfolk, Canada Operation White Perch 


2020   Global Covid19 Pandemic Global       Operation Nightingale 


2020   Wilderness & Water Ex. Ontario, Canada Operation Salmon


​2021   Wildland Fires Response   ​ Ontario, Canada ​ Operation Black Bear


​2021   ​Military & Police Exercise ​ Ontario, Canada Operation Griffin's Claw [LINK]


​2022   ​All Hazards FN Response  ​ Ontario, Canada ​ Operation Eagle Arrow 


2022   Covid19 Deployments KI   ​Ontario, Canada Operation Big Trout (Nightingale) 


2022   All Hazard CapBdg LS     ​Ontario, Canada Operation Eagle Arrow II


​2022   ​Flood Deployment         ​Ontario, Canada Operation Black Swan / Bears [LINK]


2022   ​Medical / Support           ​Ukraine         ​Operation Steppe Polecat


​2022   ​Wildland Fire                    ​Ontario, Canada Operation Phoenix Eye 


2022   ​All Hazard CBM FN          ​Ontario, Canada Operation Shepherds Tree Snake


2023   Fire Response                   Ontario, Canada Operation Eagle Bear